mandag den 17. december 2012

Timeout all in !!!

Hello hello....

after months of silence and not knowing why i should blog at all I found new inspiration. I just started my first day of my 3rd week in Turky and I am having a blast. Its my first longer trip (5 weeks) and its amazing what happens in your headspace when you get some time to let it grow. Somehow its helps me understand what things meen to me. The way i live my life, aproach my climbing, relate to my friends and family and all that other small things that just pass by while you try to make a living in fast pace.

Climbingvise  I was so focused on grades and improvement which lead to a sometimes stressfull pressure and competitive attidude. All this frustrations. Well off course I want to improve and compete. Who doesn't? But I do more and more understand that my only competitor is me. Its so great to see people around climbing at their best, no matter if it's 6a or 8b+ and everybody supports everybody. The climber that breaches through his own wall of fear, full attack, is the one that impresses me. Let everything go......skip a fucking bold risk it all in that one moment where its so easy to hold back instead.
And when you first do that you''ll be surprised what is possible. Suddenly onsighting is fun!!! I thought I hate it but acctually its the most relaxed since you have no expectations of what's to come. Redpointing is another storry. Unbeliveable what happens to the heartrate when you wnat to send your project. The first 7b+ is down and now i opened a 7c+. Just to see whats possible. Feels quite comfortable to set a goal that might be out of reach :) Even though i am optimistic. Rest today and all in tomorrow !!!!!!! yeah!
Thanks for that great lesson. All in is the way. You got nothing to loose...neither in life nor in climbing or what ever you do to feel alive.

love from Geyikbayiri

Below some shots I took in the last couple of days. Some off a great videorecording session at sarkit. 6 hours 30m above the ground. Great experience. Could imagine to get more into that stuff.

onsdag den 18. januar 2012

8a linker til randomPLAYs Västervik Video

Pretty happy to announce that publishes my first bouldervideo in their global news section! Realy happy for such a good feedback. Thanks to the Odense Packingcrew and Stonemonkey for posting and support!))))

the most honest climbing movie I have seen!

Had the pleasure to see "The wizards apprentice" about Adam Ondra yesterday and have to say I, or better we were overvelmed by this movie. An honest portrait with all the facets of a very talented and hard working climber. It could just have been going on and on and nobody would have complained. See for's fantastic!

ADAM ONDRA - a few shots from the movie from BERNARTWOOD on Vimeo.

tirsdag den 17. januar 2012

Cirkeline Simonsen climbed The Gimp 7b+ @ Kjugekull

An absolute must to mention! Cirkeline Simonsen climbed The Gimp 7b+ @ Kjugekull. Did any other girl besides Tina Yu climb that one? Am not sure! Good job Cirkeline. Excited to see more!

søndag den 15. januar 2012

Babar went down!

yesterday Babar 7a @ Kjugekull finally went down! No wonder. Great conditions with a great bunch of friends! Yeah

fredag den 13. januar 2012

starting up

well...bought myself a Canon Eos 600 D! Lets see what the future brings. Damn psyched to create som footage!