onsdag den 27. august 2014

Danish Lead Championships 2014


just settled that I am gonna be 2nd setter for the Danish Lead Championships 2014 together with Gary Vincent as chief. 3rd time I will be setting with Gary. Gonna be fun and the teamwork is in place already.

see ya the 20th of September at Blocs & Walls for the comp


mandag den 30. juni 2014

Wuhuuu...just got booked to set for the Youth Danish Lead Championships together with Robbie Philips. Stoked! Realy looking forward to this one.
I have set quite a lot of routes in the last years but never for a comp in this format. Gotta prepare a lot and fokus on the anatomie and abilities in the different categories.

Gonna be fun!

fredag den 27. juni 2014

Brompton/Velomobil Streetrace 2014

A cupple of weeks ago I was hired to film the Brompton Danish Championships and the Copenhagen Velomobil Streetrace 2014.

Here are the results.

Copenhagen Velomobil Streetrace 2014 from randomPLAY / youID on Vimeo.

The Brompton Danish Championships 2014 from randomPLAY / youID on Vimeo.

Setting for the Danish Bouldering Championships Youth/Senior

Its quite some time ago but here is a video featuring Bjørn Issager on all 4 Final Blocs at the DM 2014 where I have been setting with a great team and Gary Vincent from Edinborough as chief.
Amazing experience and learning.
In this video I set Problem no. 1. A realy risky slab. I made everybody fall on their first attempt and it got 3 Tops.  Great success for the opening boulder. Very happy.
And then Problem No. 4 which I set together with Gary. A real showboulder. Fucking great to see Bjørn flash it and taking the title. Especially because Bjørn chose to run from an angle 90 degrees opposite from what we intended. Fucking smart and so much easier. hehe...we didn't see that coming.

Read more about the comp at Bjørns Blog !

Boulder DM 2014 #BJØRNENSOVERALDRIG from Lasse Arnel Iisager on Vimeo.

onsdag den 18. januar 2012

8a linker til randomPLAYs Västervik Video

Pretty happy to announce that 8a.nu publishes my first bouldervideo in their global news section! Realy happy for such a good feedback. Thanks to the Odense Packingcrew and Stonemonkey for posting and support!))))

søndag den 15. januar 2012

Babar went down!

yesterday Babar 7a @ Kjugekull finally went down! No wonder. Great conditions with a great bunch of friends! Yeah

fredag den 13. januar 2012

my first snapdoku on a trip to Västervik !

Sixpack to Västervik from randomPLAY on Vimeo.

A shortmovie summing up our trip to the international Bouldermeet in Västervik! Great place, great fun!